My Dad

fullsizerenderWhen I was in Junior High school my friends and I would go walk and get snowballs at a stand near my house. We would go get snowballs after school at least once a week. One particular day we went walk and it just so happened that my dad drove by. He stopped and asked us if we wanted a ride but we liked to walk and girl talk so we said no thanks. After he drove off, this random lady driving by stopped. She said that she noticed a black man following us and asked if she should call the police.

The black man following us was my father asking if we needed a ride, I said. At that young age I was kind of hurt by her comment. My dad couldn’t ask me if I needed help without people judging his skin color? But as I grew older, I just realized that some people weren’t raised the same way I was. Some people may not understand my family and that’s okay, but its a shame because they’re all shades and awesome!!


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