My Mom


In my first blog post I talked about how I would receive paperwork from grade school stating that I was a white female. My mom would get so mad. I remember her correcting my race to “bi-racial” every year, which was pretty funny to me. She’d practically draw a hole in the paper from writing so hard! “You are white AND black,” she’d always say. My mom always wanted me to be proud of who I was no matter what and she’s the reason why I’m comfortable in my skin today.

My mom is by far the strongest person I fullsizerender-5know. Can you imagine being white, going to school in the 70’s and 80’s while dating a black man? She received so much hate and criticism just because of who she loved at the time. She once told me a story about her mother, my grandmother, moving her to a different city when she found out she was dating my dad. Dating outside of your race was totally looked down upon then, sometimes unfortunately still now. My grandma didn’t know how to deal with such hate about her own daughter, so moving her away was her only option. Of course my grandma was the greatest woman who ever lived (not joking,) and in time she grew to love and accept my dad as her own no matter what people thought.

Because of all that and so much more that she had to endure, my mom is the strongest woman. She was confident and comfortable within herself to stand up and not back down from people who didn’t agree with what she believed in. I’m thankful for her and she will forever be my role model!!


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