Are You Being Kidnapped?

fullsizerender-6On the subject of my mom, I’ll share an old story. When I was a baby she was a waitress and worked late some nights. Her and my dad shared a vehicle so he would come pick her up when she got off. We lived in a small town so everybody literally knew everybody. My mom had a regular customer who was a police officer. One night she was working past 11 p.m. When my dad came pick her up, she got in the driver’s seat and he went in the back seat to lay down, it was late! Her regular must have been watching and when she left the parking lot he followed. He put on his signal lights and pulled her over. When he did so, he told her to get out of the car and slowly walk towards him. She was tired and wanted to get home, why was he pulling me over, she thought. When she finally reached him he told her that she can tell him if she was in danger. She wasn’t in any danger, so she was confused. He said that someone was in her car, a black man, and asked if she was being kidnapped. She was offended! She told him that was her boyfriend and they were going home. She thought to herself, if he wasn’t black would he have pulled her over? After that encounter, the police officer never spoke to her again. Was he embarrassed or just disgusted? She’ll never know.

I thought I’d add a picture from around that time. Yes, thats me and yes, My parents were fashion ICONS! 🙂


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