Be Nice

fullsizerenderMost of my life I felt like I never fit in…
I felt like I never fit in with while people because my dad was black. I felt like I never fit in with black people because I obviously looked white.
Once, one of my black school mates told me that I though I was better than black people because I was lighter…
I’ve talked to a lot of mixed people who have had this said to them..even light skinned black people..
Today I feel like things are a lot different, not exactly where they need to be but much better than the prejudices mixed people faced back in the day…
One of the things I hope to inspire in people is that just because someone looks different doesn’t mean they are..
We are all humans who bleed red, some just happen to have different skin colors, or different features about them…
I never thought I was better than anyone, in fact I used think I wasn’t good enough because of the way I looked and who my parents were…

Think of me next time you hear someone being bullied for the way they look..and just be nice to everyone! 🙂


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