Be Careful With Race..

img_4787I brag about my family a lot and they are the greatest but they aren’t always right…. My mom’s side of my family goes on a vacation every year to Disney World. The last time we went, I invited Brandon to come with us. In the days we were getting ready to leave, every member that was attending the vacation was invited to a group text. Group texts make it easier to reach everyone at once.
Now, everyone always jokes about how pale I am, even my family. They make jokes about how white I am, and laugh, but of course they are just joking. Brandon was fairly new to meeting everyone when someone on the group chat made a joke about him. They asked If Brandon was black, and made a comment about an Oreo (talking about us.) They were just trying to be funny and make him feel welcomed…I guess. Well I know my family so I know it wasn’t meant to hurt anyone at all. Brandon didn’t know my family like that at the time. He got upset and I got in a huge fight with my family. I understood both sides, but really got on my family for being somewhat insensitive…
By the time Disney came along everyone had personally apologized and explained that they of course didn’t meant to offend him. They just wanted to welcome him into the family, but you can see that sometimes, when it comes to race, you have to be real careful..


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