Not Fair

img_5034I’m writing this post because this literally just happened to me this morning…
A few weeks ago, I’m alone, driving blasting Beyoncé in my car, imagining I’m at karaoke (not paying attention to the speed limits,) and unfortunately I was going about 7 miles over when a policeman stopped me. He routinely asked me did I know whey he pulled me over…an this is how the conversation went…
“Um no sir, I didn’t realize how fast I was actually going.”
“You were speeding, about 10 miles over the limit.”
“Oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize. I had my music up and I’m just trying to get home.”
“Okay mam I’m giving you a warning. Please watch your speed.”
“Oh yes sir thank you so much!!!!”

So this morning, the same thing happened but my boyfriend was driving and I was in the passenger side, blasting music, on our way home and we get pulled over….
So the cop looks at me first then he told Brandon that he was speeding. Rudely asked him to get out of his car. Brandon’s license and insurance were exchanged, then the policeman proceeded to write a ticket…
After Brandon got the ticket and we pulled off I couldn’t help but think how different our situations were. The cop was actually nice to me and gave me a warning. When Brandon got pulled over he was mean and didn’t even ask any questions. I
Its just how my life works. My skin color allows me to see both sides and unfortunately most of the time, it isn’t even fair….


Black People Aren’t Scary

fullsizerender-7One of my coworkers once told me her son is scared of black people..I cant make this up. She told me this before she knew I was mixed but I wondered how someone can be scared of a whole race. I thought obviously someone told him black people are bad..but why? After I told her I was black she told me that her neighborhood was mostly made of white residents. Her son went to school with mostly white children so he didn’t see black people other than the grocery store. I understood that it’s her environment that may be teaching him to be scared and I felt bad for him. A few weeks later she told me that she saw my dad in the store while with her son. She explained to him who the man was and that I was his daughter and he shouldn’t be scared. If I can be an example, to not judge black people or be scared of them that would make my life worth while. Skin color means nothing and if I can teach people like my coworker and her son that, it would mean the world to me 🙂

The White Black Couple

img_4271Once my boyfriend Brandon, who is black, and I went to a comedy club. One of the comedians went on stage and began telling jokes. I’m not surprised that I stood out then because I stand out everywhere I go when I’m with him. So the comedian decided to focus on me and make a joke about who I was with. He made a joke about my boyfriend winning because he was with a “white girl.” We both laughed, but I wanted to say, “I’m not white, I’m Mixed,” but I just kept quiet. I thought to myself, let him think what he wants, like everybody else!

When the next comedian got on stage he of course mentioned me again. I’m thinking why is everybody picking on us?? He started making jokes saying, “Dude, she’s obviously not white.” I wanted to hide under a rock at this point while Brandon was hysterically laughing. But, this incident is funny because it’s pretty much how my life is all the time. Someone thinks I’m white, then another person see’s that I’m not.

A day in the life of a white black girl…

Proud To Be a White Black Girl

fullsizerender-2Most of my confessions are stories about my dad. Of course I’m older now and accept my family just the way they are, but I wasn’t always so confident. A lot of my stories come from when I was younger, trying to accept myself. I started to see that I was different and that caused me to get embarrassed.

My dad used to work nights so he would bring and pick me up from school. I remember when he picked me up I would run to his truck and duck down so nobody saw me. I wanted to fit in and because of that I struggled with the fact that I was mixed but looked white. Looking back, I feel bad that I used to be ashamed of my dad and who I really was. If I could go back, I would tell my younger self to be strong and that being different is something to brag about!!

My Dad

fullsizerenderWhen I was in Junior High school my friends and I would go walk and get snowballs at a stand near my house. We would go get snowballs after school at least once a week. One particular day we went walk and it just so happened that my dad drove by. He stopped and asked us if we wanted a ride but we liked to walk and girl talk so we said no thanks. After he drove off, this random lady driving by stopped. She said that she noticed a black man following us and asked if she should call the police.

The black man following us was my father asking if we needed a ride, I said. At that young age I was kind of hurt by her comment. My dad couldn’t ask me if I needed help without people judging his skin color? But as I grew older, I just realized that some people weren’t raised the same way I was. Some people may not understand my family and that’s okay, but its a shame because they’re all shades and awesome!!

What Are You?

trin-325Do you ever get extremely annoyed by something, or someone? Maybe you get aggravated with someone driving slow in the fast lane. Annoying!!! My biggest pet peeve is when people ask what am I. This may sound dumb, but it is a question I get asked all the time and it’s a bit annoying. Most people think I’m white. Rarely do people think I’m black, but I’ve gotten it before. Some people even ask if I’m Spanish ( which I do have long down the line of my ancestors). I look different and a lot of people can’t quite put their finger on why.

But, they always seem to ask this in the most annoying way…what are you?? When someone asks me that, I always want to say I’m human! I think that a more acceptable way in asking me or anyone that you may be interested in is, whats your ethnicity? I know tons of people who are biracial and many of them say this happens to them too. Mixed people may all look different, like my cousins and I in the picture above, but we’re all human too 🙂