We Are All The Same

img_5033I’m not sure how my parents were so strong while being in an interracial relationship…
My dad told me this story and I could never ever forget it….
I was a baby and he and my mom were driving home one night…
They stopped at a gas station to get gas while I was in my car seat in the back seat.
Some young white guys between ages 20-25 started making comments to my mom in the car and when they saw my dad pumping gas they began to make inappropriate and racist comments. My dad finished pumping and got back in the car. As we left the guys followed us, almost running us off of the road. My dad sped to my grandma’s house and ran inside to tell my grandpa that people were following him, and that he thought they were trying to kill us just for being an interracial family.
Long story short, when they passed by my grandma’s house my grandpa made sure to show them that they should leave us alone because he was a hunter and had tools that can kill…if you know what I mean..
So this story sticks in my head because I was a baby and I may not be here if it ended ugly.
It’s crazy too think that my parents were willing to die for their family. Its motivation for me to help open up people’s minds like my mom and dad did and to show them that we are all human who bleed red…

Not Fair

img_5034I’m writing this post because this literally just happened to me this morning…
A few weeks ago, I’m alone, driving blasting Beyoncé in my car, imagining I’m at karaoke (not paying attention to the speed limits,) and unfortunately I was going about 7 miles over when a policeman stopped me. He routinely asked me did I know whey he pulled me over…an this is how the conversation went…
“Um no sir, I didn’t realize how fast I was actually going.”
“You were speeding, about 10 miles over the limit.”
“Oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize. I had my music up and I’m just trying to get home.”
“Okay mam I’m giving you a warning. Please watch your speed.”
“Oh yes sir thank you so much!!!!”

So this morning, the same thing happened but my boyfriend was driving and I was in the passenger side, blasting music, on our way home and we get pulled over….
So the cop looks at me first then he told Brandon that he was speeding. Rudely asked him to get out of his car. Brandon’s license and insurance were exchanged, then the policeman proceeded to write a ticket…
After Brandon got the ticket and we pulled off I couldn’t help but think how different our situations were. The cop was actually nice to me and gave me a warning. When Brandon got pulled over he was mean and didn’t even ask any questions. I
Its just how my life works. My skin color allows me to see both sides and unfortunately most of the time, it isn’t even fair….

The White Black Couple

img_4271Once my boyfriend Brandon, who is black, and I went to a comedy club. One of the comedians went on stage and began telling jokes. I’m not surprised that I stood out then because I stand out everywhere I go when I’m with him. So the comedian decided to focus on me and make a joke about who I was with. He made a joke about my boyfriend winning because he was with a “white girl.” We both laughed, but I wanted to say, “I’m not white, I’m Mixed,” but I just kept quiet. I thought to myself, let him think what he wants, like everybody else!

When the next comedian got on stage he of course mentioned me again. I’m thinking why is everybody picking on us?? He started making jokes saying, “Dude, she’s obviously not white.” I wanted to hide under a rock at this point while Brandon was hysterically laughing. But, this incident is funny because it’s pretty much how my life is all the time. Someone thinks I’m white, then another person see’s that I’m not.

A day in the life of a white black girl…